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"It is more important to click with people than to click the shutter."

It Works - ONE - Conference

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Wow! What an amazing turnout and kickass way to start the month of February! I had such a blast taking photos of DJ Xplicid on the Thunder Alley stage at Amalie Arena during the It Works ONE conference. Those people sure know how to have a great time! Also, if anyone is looking for a spectacular DJ look no further that DJ Xplicid! ( 

It was a great experience getting to challenge myself with the different lighting conditions, I try to be very versatile and know as much as I can about all kinds of photography. Im pretty familiar with event photography, and low light (wedding reception photos are some of my favorite to capture) but stage lights are very different.... & being on stage can be pretty intimidating!


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Dj xplicid it works
dj xplicid it works two
dj xplicid it works amalie arena